Jean Nkuété calls for utmost vigilance

Jean Nkuété calls for utmost vigilance

In welcoming the conduct of the Major National Dialogue, the Secretary General of the Central Committee reiterates the Party’s support to the Government at a time when certain undertakings on social and traditional media seek the destabilisation of the country. Read the entire communiqué below.

At a time when the entire nation has just experienced a great moment of patriotic and fruitful dialogue between its daughters and sons from within and from the diaspora, within the framework of the Major National Dialogue initiated by the President of the Republic, in order to find lasting solutions to the security crisis in the Northwest and Southwest, Even as our compatriots await, in serenity, the implementation by the Head of State, of the recommendations made at the end of the Dialogue, dissent voices have recently emerged to question the significant achievements of the event and incite hatred.

This is true of political parties, which deliberately considered the Major National Dialogue as a historical moment of national fraternization while to some, the release of more than 100 of their leaders and activists, who were brought before the competent courts for offences committed on national territory and in certain diplomatic representations of Cameroon abroad, is considered as an act of magnanimity, freely agreed upon, by the President of the Republic, over the dialogue. Besides, through repeated and irresponsible statements by their leaders, the same political parties call on their supporters to be prepared to “continue resistance” that is, violence and disorder.

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement notes the bad faith expressed of the politicians responsible for these acts. It strongly denounces the lack of recognition by their beneficiaries of a strong act by the President of the Republic, which is in line with the will expressed by the vast majority of our compatriots to move on to a phase of forgiveness, appeasement and reconciliation, thus reject the calls for violence in all its forms

2– In the same light, we can observe, beyond doubts, the new tone of some Cameroon’s partners speech who, just a few weeks ago, highly welcomed the convening of the Major National Dialogue and the progress of the work as well as the recommendations made. Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement does not understand these unstable behaviours, which are likely to sow confusion among the public, and regrets at the same time, the recurrent and disrespectful interference in the affairs of our country.

3– As a result of all the above: The Secretary General of the Central Committee hereby requests all the members of the CPDM great family and its allies, as well as all our fellow compatriots of good will, to avoid any distraction from all those who do not want the good of our country. Instead, our militants must mobilize massively in order to effectively prepare for the upcoming elections;

He calls for the utmost vigilance to thwart the cleverly orchestrated misinformation and intoxication undertakings on social and other traditional medias, with the clear aim of destabilizing the institutions of the Republic, opposing Cameroonians against each other on ethnic grounds and definitively challenging the “living together” that is the pride of our country.

The Secretary General of the Central Committee calls on both to be patient in implementing the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue and to continue to trust the President of the Republic who has solemnly promised to make good use of them for the benefit of our country;

he reiterates the Party’s support to the Government of the Republic for efforts to ensure, on the one hand, the full enjoyment by all of the individual and collective freedoms in accordance with laws and regulations, and on the other hand, the security of persons and property and the preservation of the integrity of the national territory.

Finally, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement once again welcomes the conduct of the Major National Dialogue that confirmed the capacity and determination of our compatriots to seek solutions in Cameroon and among Cameroonians to the differences that may oppose them, without ever renouncing peace and betraying their commitment to the constant consolidation of national unity.

Yaounde, 17 October 2019

The Secretary General of the Central Committee, Jean NKUETE