Bilingualism : Asset worth cherishing


Asset worth cherishing

Of the eight commissions set up for the Major National Dialogue, is that on bilingualism and discussions during this landmark forum should help solve grudges stemming from this model.

According to the Constitution, the two official languages of Cameroon are English and French, “equal in status and guaranteed promotion by the state”. In a bid to foster the reunification of the two Cameroons, Ahmadou Ahidjo and John Ngu Foncha had done the ground work and this was agreed upon at the Foumban Conference of 1961.  Over the years, Cameroonians have used their linguistic and cultural diversity to build a solid country. Despite the ploy of some unpatriotic fellows, the work of the forefathers cannot be undermined thanks to President Paul Biya’s foresightedness. At the start of the Anglophone crisis, Paul Biya amongst other measures he instructed government to take salvage the situation, was the setting up of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multi-culturalism. This body’s role cannot be overemphasized.  As the Major National Dialogue unfolds, hopes and aspirations are for both languages and their culture to be maintained and promoted on the same pedestal for the development of Cameroon.

Bye Claudette Chin

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